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JetGate JetGate

Jet Gate was invented for people who like things that work fast. Gate opens really quickly, so you don't waste your time for the opening. It will give you full protection, also against people who can follow you.
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  • Superfast: operating speed from 300 - 1200 mm/sec
  • Can be open, and close many times per hour
  • Requires minimum amount of space for gate leaf travel
  • Made by approved standard components
  • No upper portal - well suited for high vehicles
  • No traces in the ground, and locking in the driverway - well suited for heavy-duty vehicles, and shoveling 
  • Leaves are operated by articulated arms which allows quick opening, closing - even in hard-snow covering area
  • Full automatic
  • 5 years warranty


  • Swedish design
  • Frame structure: 60x60mm
  • Profile 25x25mm 
  • Posts 150x150mm
  • Made of sturdy steel and GALV FE galvanized or coated with different colors 
  • Made with three rows of barbed wire on top to resemble nearby fence and meet insurance requirements or without as required

Standard Version

  • motorized
  • cantilever design
  • Grind Height 2000 mm + 3 rows of barbed wire uptill
  • Standard width for double gate 4000-8000 mm.
  • The gate can be supplied in single or double gate designs.
  • Safety strips 
  • Magnetic
  • Code lock


Jet Gate Icons



  1. 19-12-2013

    Glædelig jul

  2. 30-01-2013

    Demex’ nye udseende

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